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Dad bod

In the build up to the big day (and as it is deemed unethical for Robyn to drink Jägermeister), I must boast that I have largely cut down on my drinking. A couple of death defying hangovers have admittedly deterred me from Pints. Which is ironic really, I seem to be a fraud. The blog title should probably be amended to ‘pussy to prams’. In light of this, I’ve decided to embark on a ‘fitness challenge’. This came after I caught a glimpse of myself rolling out of the shower. I didn’t have time to breath in, tense up, or shimmy like a Bollywood star. The sight really was horrific, I looked like Roger off ‘American Dad’, limp and rotund.

After this realisation, I have decided to start eating healthier, and against all odds I have just finished my second 1.6 mile run of the week. As I’m sure you’ve all seen in recent years, the ‘Dad Bod’ was largely in fashion for a while. Polls even suggested that Women preferred a ‘flumpier’ (if that’s a word) man to a more muscularly toned chap. This however was most likely due to the fact they were shown a picture of an out of shape Leo DiCaprio sunning himself on a yacht in the Bahamas, compared to a steroid fuelled beefcake dining down to a cheeky Nandos after squatting a minibus. I’m also unsure whether or not it is compulsory in fatherhood to buy a large bulk of identical bootleg jeans with matching fleeces.


I think the dream would to be able to pull of a Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson. The guy is a cuddle-able beast. He’s the type of guy who would sit in front of the teley with your Nan watching ‘Heartbeat’, politely opening stiff jars on demand. In truth though he is an actual living legend, and probably the only man in history to pull off a strapping pair of black Speedos with the finesse they deserve. I remember fondly attacking my sister off guard with ‘the peoples elbow’, luckily she was somewhat bigger than me at the time so damage was minimal.

Luckily, the man above is on helping hand. Steven Lea, the owner of FitDadz offers alternative training techniques to develop a lean, healthy body that is sustainable without sacrificing quality family time. I’m not one to buy into the hype, but results speak for themselves. So over the next 7 weeks, I’ll be following a devised training plan to kick me back into shape.

Here is my ‘before’ picture, notice how committed and focused I look. Like a cross between the eye of the tiger and Zoolanders blue steel…

Take a look for yourself at FITDADZ.COM

Day 1 starts tomorrow, straight after I demolition a packet of Oreo biscuits.

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