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Once upon a Trump

Once upon a time,
in a land far far away.
A beautiful princess lay dreaming,
from the nightmare at bay.

For the princess was hated,
by a cruel giant at large.
with hair golden orange,
and his best mate Farage.

The cruel giant ruled,
with fame and with money.
He'd grab ladies pussy cats,
And think it was funny.

He built a huge giant wall,
and cast the princess away.
You see the princess was Mexican,
and her brother was gay.

In a white pointy hat,
stood the floppy haired chump.
And he screamed and he shouted,
I'm the king Donald Trump!

The villagers they cried,
For Trumps power did grow.
His thin floppy fringe,
turned into a giant afro!

He killed all the animals,
burnt down trees in his way.
The villagers would whisper,
'Hurry up C.I.A' 

An unlikely hero was needed,
A knight to stand tall!
To bring back the peace,
and rip down the wall.

Evil Trump didn't stop,
and his army grew by the day.
He went completely crazy,
Screaming 'I support Theresa May!'

As the time ticked on by,
The princess remained stranded.
Her Mother's green card ran out,
and she was also remanded.

It seems like the giant,
will forever rule the land.
scaring nations apart,
and those slightly tanned.

The beautiful princess,
still hides to this day.
Over the wall deep in Mexico,
hoping truly one day.

That the evil giant Trump,
chokes to death in a diner,
has a cardiac arrest,
or dies in an airstrike from China.



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